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Welcome to!

AmpliMail is your on-line presence. We are providing quality Email service for all Internet users. Why should you be or spend money on a business web hosting to get a personal email? Don't miss a chance to get your personal free Email address!

Each account includes "amplified" section of features:

Basic features
  • It is FREE!
  • 10Mb mailbox
  • Attachments up to 2Mb
  • AntiSpam protection
  • Domains to choice
  • Calendar
  • Tasks
  • Addressbook
  • Notepad
  • WAP mail for mobile users
  • Somebody have noticed that we do not accept new signups for some time. That's right. We are currently working on software updates. It may take some weeks. Please be patient!
  • Hello folks! Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding any problems which may occur after hosting migration!
  • WARNING! AmpliMail system will migrating to the new hardware/software platform within next 72 hours. It may cause a denial of service for up to couple a hours. Please be patient!

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